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A Triumph Over Self-Destruction?

Well... Maybe Not...

Me =]Gullible_x has a real first name - it is Alexandria. It’s the kind of name that parents give their children when they expect a lot of them. She goes by Allie --not Alex, because the latter sounds masculine and degenterative -- which she spells with an ie, but not in a trashy way she says.

Allie has the kind of live that is a beautiful idea that no one can live up to. Supposedly intelligent and in control, the kind of woman who never fails and makes sure you fucking know it. The kind of woman whose parents are just SO PROUD - and cannot go five minutes without mentioning that fact. The kind of woman who’s secretly starving herself, taking methamphetamines and diet pills - but then everybody knows someone like that. Whats so fucking special about Alexandria?

Thats me - in all of my pictures - if you have a oproblem in the way I look, or how I live my life; don't bother adding me just to be a troll